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Fly with full IR!

At the end of the day, GA pilots who complete the CB-IR course enjoy the same privilege to fly under IFR conditions as those who have followed the traditional path.


Easier to pass!

Another upside of the CB-IR path is that the theoretical exam draws from a much smaller database of questions, reduced by about 40% as compared to traditional training. The flight check ride remains the same.


Less time, equal opportunities!

One of the main advantages of the CB-IR path is that the study time dedicated to theory has been reduced to just 80 hours, i.e. 120hours fewer than in the traditional IR course. Flight training now requires only 40 hours, 25 of which can be completed in a dedicated simulator (flight training device).


The same as in the case of traditional IR.

The CB-IR path is open to all applicants who are over 17 years of age. There is no upper age limit, as long as the candidate holds a valid second-class medical certificate. All students are also required to submit a valid PPL(A) licence and must have an accumulated flying time of 50 hours as a pilot in command in cross-country flights.

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