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What is it?

Competence Based Instrument Rating is a training path that allows an IR privilege to be obtained based on the assessment of pilot skills. Licences awarded via the CB-IR path make GA pilots eligible to perform the same flight operations as those who have been issued licences using a “traditional method”. The only difference between the traditional IR and the new CB-IR path consists in a different teaching methodology that generates tangible benefits for the student and requires greater experience on the part of instructors.


Is CB-IR better choice than traditional IR?

The rating earned upon completion of the CB-IR course is not limited in any way. An important advantage is that it takes considerably less time to obtain and the final exam is prepared on the basis of a pool of questions that has been reduced by 40%. The course imparts exactly the same knowledge as traditional IR training, which means that pilots who earn their IR rating via the CB path can feel completely confident in the cockpit even under conditions of very low visibility.



  1. The same as in the case of traditional IR.

    The CB-IR path is open to all applicants who are over 17 years of age. There is no upper age limit, as long as the candidate holds a valid second-class medical certificate. All students are also required to submit a valid PPL(A) licence and must have an accumulated flying time of 50 hours as a pilot in command in cross-country flights.

  2. Less time, equal opportunities!

    One of the main advantages of the CB-IR path is that the study time dedicated to theory has been reduced to just 80 hours, i.e. 120hours fewer than in the traditional IR course. Flight training now requires only 40 hours, 25 of which can be completed in a dedicated simulator (flight training device).

  3. Easier to pass!

    Another upside of the CB-IR path is that the theoretical exam draws from a much smaller database of questions, reduced by about 40% as compared to traditional training. The flight check ride remains the same.

  4. Fly with full IR!

    At the end of the day, GA pilots who complete the CB-IR course enjoy the same privilege to fly under IFR conditions as those who have followed the traditional path.

Traditional IR and CB-IR comparison

Traditional IRCB-IR
PrerequsitiesAge17 years and no maximum age limit17 years and no maximum age limit
Health requirementsThird class medical certificateThird class medical certificate
Valid Night RatingOptionalOptional
Valid PPL(A)MandatoryMandatory
Total flight time50 hours50 hours
OtherEnglish language skilsEnglish language skils
Learning hoursTheory200 hours80 hours
Including distance learning?Up to 72 hours
Practice50 hours40 hours
Including FNTP II SIMUp to 35 hoursUp to 25 hours
ExamQuestion poolRegularReduced by 40%
PermissionsAbility to fly under IFRAbility to fly under IFR


Everything about CB-IR

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Webinar is intended for everyone who is considering IR training according to CB path. The full description of this solution will be presented and discussed, including the initial conditions, the components of the training and differences between the traditional and CB-IR path.



• What is the CB-IR training based on?
• What is the difference between CB-IR and “normal/old” IR?
• What qualifications does CB-IR provide?
• What countries recognise the CB-IR licence?
• What are the course prerequisites?
• What is the training process like?

• Information on the theoretical exam
• Information on the practical exam
• How long does it take to complete the flight training?
• Can I fly with my own Instructor outside the ATO?
• How many hours can be credited outside the ATO?
• Can I pass the Skill Test in Poland?

• Is the Simulator training more effective? Why?
• Licence conversion
• What aircraft is best for CB-IR training?
• Can I do the training on my own aircraft?
• Facts and myths on CB-IR
• Is the CB-IR path available at all IFR training centres?


The authors of the website are Piotr Długiewicz and Agata Zbyszewska – persons responsible for the quality and training program at the Aero Poznań Cirrus Training Center. For some time, they have been trying to popularize and promote the benefits of the new CB-IR path allowing pilots to obtain IFR flight privileges in line with EASA requirements. This website and dedicated series of webinars are the next elements of their mission.

Agata Zbyszewska

Agata Zbyszewska

Aero Poznań Director

Piotr Długiewicz

Piotr Długiewicz

Commercial Pilot Airplanes & Flight Instructor

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